Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

The Seven Cuisine Favorite in Bali

1. Babi Guling

Pork roll name for the area better known bali with some roll. Pork roll is a kind of side dishes are made ​​from female or male piglets are intact except the entrails removed entirely replaced with herbs and vegetables such as cassava leaves, roasted on the embers of the fire as he twisted around (diguling-roll) until cooked marked premises his skin color to brown and crisp. Pigs roll in the beginning used to serving in both traditional ceremonial rites and religious ceremonies, but this time pig dishes bolster been sold as well in shops, restaurants and even certain hotels in the area of ​​Bali. Pigs bolster the most famous comes from Gianyar regency.

2. Betutu

Goby is a side dish made ​​from a whole chicken that contains spices, then roasted in the husk fire. This goby has been known throughout the district in Bali. One of the producers goby is Melinggih village, Gianyar regency kecamatam Chedi. Goby is used as a serving in religious ceremonies and rituals as well as dishes and sold. Consumers not only society but also bali foreign guests who come to Bali, especially in certain places such as in hotels and restaurants / restaurant. Betutu not stored longer lasting.

3. Lawar

Lawar is a traditional Balinese food is already very popular in the area of Bali, as well as used as a serving dish and also has sold widely in restaurants with brand Lawar Bali. Lawar is one type of side dishes made ​​from chopped meat, vegetables, some spices and kelapadan sometimes in several types of Lawar given element that can add a sense of Lawar it is blood from the meat itself, blood is mixed with herbs certain spices that adds delicious Lawar it. Lawar alone can not long survive this food if ignored in the open air only lasted half a day.
Penamaannya varies, usually based on the type of meat that is used or the type of vegetables. When pork is used then the resulting Lawar called Lawar pigs., and so if used vegetable jackfruit, then lawarnya Lawar named jackfruit. There is also giving its name based on the color lawarnya Lawar lawarnya red when the colors red, white Lawar lawarnya if the color is white and named Lawar padamare Lawar, which is a kind Lawar made ​​from a mixture of several types Lawar. Lawar presented as a friend Rice along with other types of side dishes.

4. Jukut Urab

vegetables in the mix with the grated coconut then served with a lot of chili.

5. Rujak Kuah Pindang

Rujak Kuah Pindang is a combination of several fresh fruits are almost similar to the salad salad sweet or sugar. Examples of fruit salad that is used is similar to sugar, such as yam, papaya, kedondong, cucumber, starfruit, and others. Fruits are peeled then cut into small pieces. What distinguishes it from regular salad are complementary, ie, broth made ​​from fish, salt, shrimp paste, and chili. All supplementary material is milled until soft, but not given water mixed with gravy anymore because pindang (fish broth) was diluted.

6. Jukut Ares

Jukut (vegetable) arrest is a kind of side dishes made ​​from banana tree trunks (young sapling banana) mixed with bone (bone with some meat still attached to the bone), a little meat and seasoning. Meat and bone that used to be flesh and bones of cattle, beef and pork bones, beef and duck bones. Vegetable arrest is generally made ​​on the religious ceremony, presented to the family and the people who helped the ceremony, eaten as a friend Rice. Jukut (vegetable), this arrest was made for their own consumption as well as too many have been sold in restaurants in the cities of the district in Bali, such as Denpasar.

7. Sate Lilit

satay wrap dilili this is not a meat-wrapped in minced meat but until smooth and of posting on lemongrass sticks that had been cleaned then grilled on skewers flavor it adds bara.